Why use frequency MD 27.12 MHz?

It is important to understand the effects of specific radio frequencies to identify the benefits and limitations of its use for Thermoesclerosis.

27.12 MHz Frequency has the Advantage of Efficient Energy Absorption in Water Molecules
What this means is that at 27.12 MHz, it takes less energy to achieve a quality Thermoesclerosis results than at 13MHz, at the same frequency. The 27.12 MHz also requires less time to achieve the same results. Another advantage of using 27.12 MHz is the rapid change of positive to negative polarity – 27 million cycles (Hz) per second.

This is often referred to as Pico Flash, meaning it sets apart PhysioSkin™ Thermoesclerosis from other conventional equipment/ procedures.

In addition, extensive research has shown that at 27.12 MHz, the area of destruction is limited to a very close, or minimal, filament.

The new synchronized method of the PhysioSkin™ takes advantage of this accuracy to coagulate spider veins in a very concentrated manner. It offers a powerful signal of 27.12 MHz which is controlled in a short time cycle of milliseconds. On the contrary, at 13.56 MHZ, there is broader pattern of heat (up to three time higher), spreading deeper into the dermis and causing a greater chance of irritation.

PhysioSkin™ meets all international standards for radio frequency emissions, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and electromagnetic interference (EMI) and is protected from external shocks (electrostatic discharge (ESD).

compatibilidad electromagnética (EMC), la interferencia electromagnética (EMI) y está protegido frente a las perturbaciones externas (descargas electrostáticas (ESD).


The effectiveness of medical high frequency 27.12 MHz has been confirmed in comparative scientific tests conducted at Laval University Hospital Center in Quebec City, Canada. The results clearly show that the high speed of medical 27.12 MHz RF allows a more localized effect than the 13 MHz and a lower amount of heat is lost into the surrounding tissues.

Moreover, according to our experience and our customers, PhysioSkin produces results much faster than any other device in the market. The number of treatments for complete and permanent results is about 25% less than usual.

In conclusion

Due to continued investment in research and development, Thermoesclerosis technique has evolved from an archaic and insecure technique to a safe state-of-the-art technology, and what is most outstanding is that medical 27.12 MHz is virtually painless. This new technology, MD 27.12 MHz [frequency] has not yet finished to impress in terms of efficiency and comfort